Holy Land

Departing to the Holy Land from St. Peter Claver   October 1, 2018

First night - view of the Mediterranean in city of Haifa

First Mass
The Wedding Church at Cana
October 3, 2018

Church of Cana

Gigi getting ready for the first Mass

Fr. Bob and Deacon Bob placing the cross
from St. Peter Claver on the Altar

Renewal of wedding vows by members of the group

Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea Maritima.
Mediterranean Sea in background.
October 3, 2018

Group Leaders at the Romas Aqueduct

Collie and Sandy

Laurie, Collie, Evelyn and Tom standing in
front of the Mediterranean Sea in Akko

Fr. Bob with his sister-in-law, Mary

Steve and Leesa


Gigi, Mary, Pat and Priscilla

Mary, Laurie, Sharon and Ann

Pilates' name engraved on a rock in the area of Herod the Great's palace at Caesarea Martima.  Paul was held prisioner here.

Church of Cana

Roman amphitheater at Caesarea

Found in the area of Herod the Great's Palace in Caesarea Maritima

Part of the Scripture on a wall in Cana

Herod the Great's swimming pool

The Bazaars at Akko.  Akko is an ancient port city. The
Crusaders, Christian warriors from Europe, entered
through this port to fight the armies of Islam. 

View from Stella Maris Monastery on Mt. Carmel

200 year old olive tree in Mt. Carmel

Day 2 ~ October 4, 2018

The Sisters of Nazareth Convent

Our tour was given by nuns into first century home
thought to be the childhood home of Jesus


Sandy reading for Sister Margaret in the dig beneath the convent

Childhood home of Jesus

Tomb of St. Joseph with stone rolled to the side

Looking into the tomb

Phil in Jesus' childhood home

Church of the Annunciation
Built over Mary’s home.  This is where the Angel appeared to
Mary and told her she would bear a Son - the Son of God.

This is the largest Christian Church in the Middle East

There are many representations of Mary in the Church






Our Lady of Guadalupe mosaic

Unity Chapel of Mary ~ Nazareth

Fr. Bob

Deacon Bob

Stations of the Cross


Mount of Beatitudes on the Sea of Galilee

Bay of Parables

Cave of Eremos
A place where Jesus went to pray

The group walking to the cave

Praying in the cave

The view from the cave

Sunset on the Golan Heights

Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee



Another boat off in the distance

Mount Arbel

Gigi on top of Mount Arbel with the Sea of Galilee
and Magdala in the background


Capernaum is the town where Jesus spent
most of his time in public ministry


Church in Galilee that was built over the home of Peter
Peter's Primacy ~
"On this rock I will build my Church".




Preparing for Mass at Magdala Center in Boat Chapel

Walking on 1st century marketplace
ground at the dig in Magdala

Synagogue found at Magdala

Reflection in the Mosaic Chapel - Jesus heals Mary Magdalene


Jacobs Well in Samaria from the story in the Bible of the women at the well.  Jesus said "I will give your living water..."

Celebrating Christmas Mass at Shepherd's Field

Welcome Home!

Home - from the desert to the rain

Fr. Bob bringing our cross back home and placing it on the altar